The ICP workshop

The secret to sales growth lies not just in having a great product or service, but also in knowing who your ideal customer is. That’s why you need an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Our ICP workshop is designed to streamline your SDR efforts and align them with your strategic business goals.

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Unlock lagging pipeline metrics

A well-defined ICP doesn’t just look great on paper. It will drive better pipeline metrics as your SDRs and sales team will know exactly who they’re selling to, where to find them, and what makes them tick. When you know your customer, you know their pain points, and you can address them in your outreach messages and sales pitches.

Clarified ICP is required so you can spot the open buying window before your competitors

You must lead your sales pipeline from your Ideal Customer Profile . You have found your ideal customer when you have figured out the right company (industry), and the right decision maker, and when their buying window is open.

The secret is that systematically contacting ICP customers 2-4 times a year ensures you are first to know when the next purchasing need arises. In other words, with a clarified ICP and systematic approach, you can lead the numbers by adjusting the frequency and recency of outreach.

Align your SDR activities with your company strategy

Is your SDR and sales team working in sync with your company’s strategy? Our ICP workshop will ensure that they are. By defining your ICP, you can direct your sales efforts towards the highest value prospects, aligning these activities with your broader business objectives.

Leverage our expertise and unique insights

Our specialized agency has the knowledge, tools, and resources that companies often don’t have in-house. We’ll use our experience to help you identify key variables like industry, revenue, and decision-making titles, refining your ICP with precision.

Refine your company strategy

An effective ICP not only boosts your overall sales performance but can also help shape strategy. By understanding who your best customers are, you can make more informed strategic decisions on other areas like product development, marketing, customer service, and more.

Who should consider our ICP workshop?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, our ICP workshop is the solution you need.

Discover the power of an expertly crafted ICP with our specialized workshop. Contact us today to find out more and let’s boost your sales performance together.

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