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We help SaaS sales leaders implement “ICP sales”, arming their SDR teams with the playbooks and tactics to hit their sales quota.

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What is ICP sales?

In “ICP sales,” the sales leader (not SDR) defines the pool of ICPs to contact. Results are achieved by repeatedly reaching out to prospects, making you the top-of-mind provider when the next purchasing need arises.

Fine-tuning your SDR outreach process is the most vital part of sales, as this is where prospects are qualified. This ensures that time and resources are invested in viable accounts, improving sales efforts and contributing to overall company success.

We can operate on almost any part or dilemma of your SDR process and early-stage sales, so reach us and ask. To give you an idea, here are some areas and results we can help you with:

Leadership – lead your sales pipeline from your target audience

Gain visibility into your target audience and track which prospects have been contacted, how often, and when was the last touch. Monitoring the frequency and recency of outreach makes it possible to spot when the buying window is opening for different accounts and to make sure you are first in consideration when the buying window opens.

Boost your overall sales performance with better role assignment

  • Sales leaders define target accounts and ICP in perfect alignment with your company’s strategy. 
  • Prospectors search for contact information for these target accounts. 
  • SDRs are more productive when they spend their time on systematic multichannel outreach to build relationships. 
  • Account executives focus on closing because are rarely at their best when performing monotonous tasks unrelated to sales cases. 

Multichannel outreach process – spot the open buying window before your competitors

The tailored process to run systematic multichannel sales cadences and follow-ups. Systematically contacting ICP customers 2-4 times a year makes sure you are first to know when the buying window is opening. The secret is, that a frequent contact positions you as the top-of-mind provider when the next purchasing need arises.

Interested? Here’s why partnering with us can make a significant difference:

As a specialized agency, we offer SaaS industry-specific guidance helping to solve your SDR outreach-related issues. With our experience working with multiple businesses across sectors, we help you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your growth path.

We stay updated with the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in various fields that might not exist within your current team. When you hire us, you get immediate access to this expertise without any long-term commitments making our services flexible and scalable.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation. Let’s start your journey to SDR success today.

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